Citrine quartz necklace

Citrine quartz necklace Unique design and creation.

The rare shape of the crystal made me think of a pacifier and I still remember when my niece was a baby and being totally addicted to it.

The materials are: citrine quartz and fimo clay.

As lace I used a simple black cord and added 2 orange crystal bead as finished touch.

Length: 30 cm

Ready to be shipped.


the products you can find in our shop, are accessories like earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Al the product in this store are designed and created only by hand, following my own style.

this make every single product Unique, no two the same out there.

The main materials are:

fimo clay (polymer clay),

copper or iron wires, beads and natural gemstones.

All creations are ready to order.

Customization are possible only if mentioned in the item’s description.

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